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Trader Platinum

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  • 2 Day, In Person 1:1 Coaching

  • 9 Week Remote 1:1 Coaching

  • $100,000 Corporate Trade Account 

  • 80/20 Split on Corporate Account

  • 1 Year Membership Access

  • 1 Year Live Trade Events

  • Trading Tax Setup and Preparation

  • Access to Day Trading University

  • Online Training Courses

  • Proprietary Market Indicators

  • GreenChart Trading Platform

  • Weekly Live Trading Webinars

  • Library of Recorded Content

  • Trader Chat Community

*Limited Seats Available
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 "I just finished my 9 week coaching course and I can't speak highly enough about the program... the indicators are amazing because they work across all of the time frames and aren't anchored to one style of trading. All in all the coaching experience is honestly under priced for the value I received. I would highly recommend it!"


"I have just finished the course with my coach. Now I'm focusing on going live. The training I received from my coach was phenomenal. The support from the company has been amazing. It has been a great experience so far and so happy with my new career. Thanks Trent and every one in the company for being the professionals"


What is it?

Trader Platinum is a partnership program designed to do one thing...teach the investor how to make some serious money.  After the rigorous eighteen week personalized training program, Platinum traders are armed and ready to hit the markets as trained warriors. We are so committed to these members' ability to make money in the markets that once training is complete we are willing to partner with them. We provide the opportunity for all Platinum members to trade a corporate account with market liquidity up to $100,000. This is a guaranteed account, and will be awarded ONLY after training. Seating is limited and subject to application.

Who is it for?

Trader Platinum is for anyone wanting to partner with a successful organization that has taken thousand of members and awarded them live liquidity accounts to trade. Anybody who wants to create extra cash flow, build retirement and/or investment accounts. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge, experience, technical ability, or age.

How does it work?

The first 9 weeks is one on one remote training with a personal coach. After the first 9 week portion of the curriculum is complete, the member will be enrolled in a 2 day one on one boot camp where the coach will personally work with the member on trading, pouring over analytics and setting up strategies to hit targets and goals. Once the member is ready, we award the corporate trade account and the trader is now able to begin trading.  The Platinum member will get to keep 80% of each months earnings and splits are paid out monthly. A corporate trade account is guaranteed at the completion of training.

Why does it exist?

We know how to create successful traders. We believe in what we are doing so much that we will invest back into our trained members with a live corporate account. This program gives us the opportunity to coach our committed partners and show them some really cool stuff about trading. They learn how to kill it in the markets and as a partner we get to split the earnings for showing them all the cool tricks. Win win for everyone.

*Limited Seats Available