How To Grow and Control
Personal Retirement In 9 Weeks

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Trader Accelerator

  • Access to Day Trading University

  • Online Training Courses

  • Proprietary Market Indicators

  • GreenChart Trading Platform

  • Weekly Live Trading Webinars

  • Library of recorded content

  • Trader Chat Community

  • Trade Live after Course Completion

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Over 4000+ Users

“I just had my first live trading day and it was awesome!  I made in a few hours what usually takes two weeks.  Indicators make all the difference, thanks again."


"Trading has been the best business for me.  With no trading or investing experience, I was able to learn the system and the market quickly and instantly made money."


What is it?

Trader Accelerator is a 9-week online video course with quizzes, live webinars and a community of traders and coaches. It shows you how to scale your ability to grow cash flow and build retirement.

Who is it for?

Small business owners, contractors and anyone who wants to scale their ability to increase cash flow and build retirement. 

How does it work?

You watch the videos, take action, use the provided tools, and start growing your business.  Ask questions in live webinars, engage with our Trader Community and have access to tons of previously recorded events.

Why does it exist?

We created Trader Accelerator because most small business owners and contractors are clueless when it comes to scaling retirement and how to make up for lost time and missed opportunity. We will show how to scale fast and with little energy out of their busy lifestyle so they can gain control of their financial future.