How to profit in the market by following the Majors.

Over the last 8 years our clients have used one of our most popular indicators called the Major and Minor indicator to generate consistent wealth in the market.

The reason for its popularity is because of its simplicity to understand and follow.

Here are 5 ways we use this incredible indicator in the market consistently.

1. The Majors are the leaders in the market. Look to see which direction they're moving.

The Majors are represented by the Red and Green lines with-in the indicator.

Large volume trades being placed into and out of the market by this group will be picked up and calculated by our algorithms.

The Red and Green lines will typically show the overall direction of these larger moves.

The concept of this indicator is to trade in-line with these large movements.

2. Pay attention to the Minors and what direction they’re trading.

The Minors are the Grey and Black lines with-in the indicator.

Small volume trades going in and out of the market are represented by these 2 lines.

Because the Majors generally lead the market, the minors will at times go in opposite directions. This will give you an advantage knowing when not to trade.

The concept is to wait for the Minors to line up with the Majors in the same direction.

When both of these groups agree in the same direction, they can generate a strong pull in the market.

3. Look for the Majors and Minors to become overbought or oversold.

There are two horizontal red and blue lines that represent the market being overbought or sold.

When the Majors and Minors are above or below these lines we consider them “overbought” or “oversold”.

This is when you will begin to watch for signals to buy or sell.

4. Buy or sell when the Majors and Minors “Cross” in the overbought or sold area.

This is considered a signal to buy or sell when both the Majors and the Minors agree on direction and want to move.

Usually we like to see the Majors and Minors moving into the middle portion of the red and blue horizontal lines called the “Channel”.

This is a good sign that they will continue moving in the current direction.

5. Apply the Major/Minor cross to trading the trend of the market.

A powerful way to apply this signal is to trade it with the Trend.

Trend is subjective to the trader based on their analysis.

One way our students identify trend is by using our Pressure indicator.

This is a powerful tool that will show you trend direction and strength.

The Pressure indicator is another part of our Total Number Threshold System.

When these two indicators align it presents a great opportunity to buy or sell.

The Major/Minor Cross is just one of many ways you can generate consistent results in trading.

It is part of our Total Number Threshold (TNT) System we teach our students in our training programs.

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